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Monday, July 11, 2011

3.. 2.. 1.. Henshin! / Kamen Rider Fourze is on its way!

We still have around 2 months before the official showing of the next Kamen Rider series yet everybody are already talking about it. Its actually been a usual thing whenever the current series is going to end and transcends to the new one coming.

But this time around, it’s quite a bit interesting because of the theme that the next series will going to take and even the motif of the next rider is really something that you can't really apprehend at first.

he's kinda like a marshmallow, heheh

The new rider is name Kamen Rider Fourze or with a play-word of 40 or 4-0 though not entirely sure if it’s going to be the official play-word for his name but his official name is indeed Fourze. Fourze's motif is an Astronaut (no kidding). And many have pointed out about the rider's look is terrible or something, let alone that the given motif is somewhat a bit weird in the sense and thinking how will that work in the series.

rocket punch!!!
I'm always feels skeptic on something at first but I always ended up accepting it on the long run. Fourze is no exception. I'm as skeptic as ever when I first see it because of his head design (Rocket Head!) and his body is somewhat chubby (he's like a mascot!). Plus both his arms and legs have a Playstation button design on each and I'm still wondering what are those for. Though it’s not been clear on Fourze's features but some were already assuming (including me) that he will also be like W and OOO having combo forms. I'd also thought it because so far it’s been a running concept that started from W. Base on one of the screenshot, Fourze has some sort of rocket at his arm. Many dubbed it as his Rocket Punch. So I guess this is his Rider Punch.

There's no further info about how the setting of the story of Fourze will make except for the fact that it will be more like a school-themed since most of the official casts are portraying students or teacher. The main hero is somewhat like a typical bad boy-kind-of a student though not entirely sure how the character will really play in the series for it’s not been totally revealed yet.

But as I said it's just me being skeptic at first but I don't entirely judging the series just because of the looks of the rider. I love the Kamen Rider series so I will still dig it whatever is going to offer. Whatever you think about the new rider whether good or bad, everybody would probably agree that it’s so far the unique rider you could ever see. Besides, for a Kamen Rider fan (like me) you will still watch it anyway despite however or whatever it goes. “It's Our Duty” to watch it! For now we'll just have to wait see.

Kamen Rider Fourze will start on September 2011. For sure there will still be more information will span before it. At the moment, these are the basic things about the new upcoming Kamen Rider series. Hope it helps.

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Raipo said...

I'll watch out for this definitely. No Kamen rider will escape my sight in any shape or form! IT IS MY DUTY!

Anonymous said...

As of now, I'm starting to get use to Fourze's looks... I'm still wondering about those Playstation button, though, hahaha!

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