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Monday, August 9, 2010

Figma x Revoltech x Nendoroid, or the Action Figure Primer, Part 1

One of the first Figmas: Hatsune Miku!
We otaku have our own fixations and most of us have probably bought and collected action figures of our favorite anime and manga characters at one time or another. It’s easy to confuse one action figure manufacturer with another given that there are a hundred or so of them out there. Here’s a handy guide to some of the more trusted brands out there:

Let’s start with Max Factory’s Figma action figure line. It’s one of the most popular out there and is usually the first choice among otaku when it comes to moe figures. The line’s signature is its anime and manga heroines: From Suzumiya Haruhi and her gang to the girls of Evangelion and K-On!, the line is just oozing with moe (though there are some male figures too). The figures are presented at about 1/16 scale, making an average Figma around 3 to 4 inches tall. They possess a high degree of accuracy towards a character’s features. Figma figures are full-featured and well-articulated, utilizing ball and hinge joints for maximum posability. All figures in the line also comes with a display stand, extra hands (affixed to a “hand rack” so that they won’t go missing) and faces, accessories and a zip-lock bag for storage and transport.

Some words of wisdom: Figma models may not be budget-friendly but are well worth the money. Another thing is that the figures tend to be fragile, so it’s best to store your Figmas in a moisture and dust -free environment when you’re not displaying them.
An assortment of Revoltech figures

Next we have Kaiyodo’s Revoltech figures. This brand is known for their use of the “revolver joint,” a newly developed joint that resembles a revolver pistol’s chambers. Revolver joints lock in place until they are moved, thus Revoltech figures are known to be solid, durable figures that can hold a particular pose indefinitely.

Revoltech is best known for their mecha figures, with the first released lines being Nagai Go’s robots, which include Getta Robo and Mazinger Z. Subsequent releases include Macross, Gunbuster and Evangelion mecha among others. Due to their exceptional posability, Revoltech also features characters from various video games and shonen anime like Street Fighter and Sengoku Basara to name a few. Thus, Revoltech is known as a GAR (or “manly” in common terms hehe) brand, the opposite of Figma which is too moe to handle.

But Revoletch has a special line called Fraulein Revoltech which features anime and video game girls. The line-up is not as extensive as Figma’s and not that moe (because of the revolver joints) causing the line to be a bit unpopular to moe figure collectors.

That said, Revoltech figures are surprisingly cheaper than Figma’s, making them a good choice for otaku on a budget. 
K-on! Nendoroid!

Now Nendoroids (mostly created by Good Smile Company) are a different case altogether. If Figma is known for being moe, Nendoroid figures take moe-ness to a whole new level. Nendoroids are all super-deformed (SD): Big-headed and child-proportioned figures, which simply spells moe and cuteness all in one neat package. Add to that the fact that almost all Nendoroids are anime babes and we got one of the best-selling toylines from Japan.
Death Note Pucchi Nendoroids: smaller than your average Nendoroids

And what’s better than a Nendoroid? A Pucchi Nendoroid! Smaller and way cuter than their bigger counterparts, Pucchi nendoroid are the latest in the lineup. You’d better get your hands on these when they’re released since some of them are made in very limited quantities.

So there you have it. Next time you want to get your hands on the anime action figure of your choice, you’ll know what you’ll get for your money’s worth and satisfaction. Watch out for Part Two of this series for a round-up of more anime toylines!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for classifying them! I would also love to collect stuffs like this but I have a very very little collection of figures (compare to Jima and to you). For many reason because: (1) I'm lazy (x_x) (2) Budget (3) No good place in my house to put on figures.

Jima-san said...

Revoltech figures are great. I have one of Koiwai Yotsuba (from the manga Yotsuba&) and it's really fun to pose and display.

Nendoroids are good too. I'd love to get my hands on a Snow Miku! (>_<)"

Raipo said...

More to come in this series guys!

I have to agree that all these figures are great, it just depends on personal preference. Like for me when it comes to Figma I'd like to get my hands on Aigis from Persona 3. For Revoltech, a Gurren Laggan will do and for Nendoroids...well...I want all of them!!!1

john albert said...

so cute

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