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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ipod/Ipad Gaming: Simulations... Simulations... Simulations...

Greetings HobbyBox fans! Back once again for a game review from one software developer, Kairo Park. Focusing on the constant release of the same genre, Kairo Park had managed so far to deliver a few addicting games for the Apple and now as of recent for the Android users as well. 

Let's start with the game:

Game Dev Story was actually the first game that Kairo Park had released for the Apple IOS. This game actually boost lengthy game play as players try to create the ultimate game up to the most recent update, your very own gaming console. There was an original PC game but so far, no plans of importing it to English.

You actually start with a small 6 man team, that includes 4 developers, you as the manager and your lovely assistant. As the game also progress, you will receive offers of expanding your office, getting new people or firing your old employees. The game also allows you to train your employees and as every employee also has, the employee itself shows specialization (e.g. Music, Coder, Artist) that allows your game to be further enhanced depending on the employee's specialization. 

Another thing to look forward in this game is the challenge of mixing game combinations. There's actually 2 categories to choose from: Genre and Type. I won't go further with details but I think you get the point. Depending on your combination you may get the highest combination (amazing) to the lowest (not good). 
There's also a challenge of people management. You need to actually know which people are to keep and to let go as their special type of employees that have high stats which makes your game scores higher. Funny thing to mention also is that, the names of the employee, sounds like names of actual celebrities... Another factor is money... Well this doesn't become an issue when you already have like 6 or more employees as you can take projects to gain money while having your game sell on the market. 

Going with the game specifics, the graphics are kind of your every 2d sprite. Nothing to look forward but you may notice that once every while, you'll get odd employees wearing odd costumes. Sound/Music, it's sounds like a midi sequence but that's something you can live with.

Overall, the game may sound addicting but when you reach the part that your game has received the 1million prize reward, you may stop and say, "I'm done...". 

So here are the scores:

Graphics: I'd give it a 6, For a sprite based game. 
Sounds: I'd give it a 4, it's in midi. You can play your own sound but if you have an old iPhone or iPod, I won't recommend it
Gameplay: I'd give an 7. Addicting at the start but kinda routine at the end.
(Since there's no story, I'm changing the last category)
Replay: 4, Once you beat the top ranking game out there, that's it...
Over all: It's a 5... you may want to try it but probably stop halfway...

There's a few more games out there you may want to try as well from Kairo Park if you are into Sim Games:

Right now, I'm enjoying "Grand Prix Story" but again, you can always try the other Sim Games this developer had to offer. You can also visit their website to know more: 

Well enjoy and happy gaming!