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Friday, July 23, 2010

Death by Moe and Mecha: Wonder Festival

Japan is gearing up for their annual toys and kits extravaganza known as the Wonder Festival or WonFes for short. WonFes is known for showcasing the best sculptors, kit builders, kit painters and garage kit makers from all over Japan.

Nendoroid Rei in entry plug resin kit (Wonfes exclusive, limited to 50 pcs.)
resin SD Dancougar (Wonfes exclusive)

Good ole' Mazinger Z resin kit (weep, as it is Wonfes exclusive)

WonFes is famous for assembling Japan’s top hobbyists to trade, sell or just basically show off the fruits of their hard work and guts. Featured in the said event are mounds and mounds of toys and kits of both popular and obscure anime and manga series, all exclusive to the festival. Top selections for WonFes toys and kits include mecha and anime babes (many of the ero kind *wink wink*) though as they say there are almost every other character imaginable like supervillains, showbiz personalities and even American comic book characters find their way into the fray.
Zero (Rockman X) resin kit
Shrike unit from Border Break(Special color, Wonfes exclusive)
Star Wars X-wing Special Chrome Plated Resin Kit

Most of the toys and kits are of very limited quantities and go for astronomical prizes, which is why WonFes is one of the most eagerly anticipated hobby events in all of Japan, and even possibly around the world, as attendees from other countries are known to flock to the event. Some prominent personalities like otaku overlord/blogger Danny Choo is confirmed to attend the event with his entourage of “daughters” (of course I am referring to his harem of Dolfies).

Figma Rei Ayanami (thankfully, is not Wonfes exclusive but was released during the event)
Figma Ga Rei Zero Kagura (Yes, another Wonfes non-exclusive! Go get yours!)
They even have Figma Michael Jackson. FTW!
Many mainstream model kit companies were built up from their success at WonFes, with the likes of Volks and Kotobukiya (which brings to mind their uberly-astonishing Armored Core and Gurren Lagann kits) and relative newcomers Tokyo Hunters and Jamming rounding off the list of retailers.
The new queen of dark moe: Figma Black Rock Shooter
Death by moe and mecha? Yes please.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kamen Rider 000’s Comin’ Your Way!

What’s with multiple 0’s these days???

 Kamen Rider 000 logo. Nifty.

Just when we all thought that there was gonna be a shortage of Kamen Rider themes, out comes Kamen Rider 000 (pronounced “O’s” or “OZ”). Slated for a Fall 2010 release (when all the other good stuff happens in Animeland), Kamen Rider 000 will replace Kamen Rider W on the Super Hero hour.

With the “green-yellow-red circles” motif, 000 seem to have taken his cue from stoplights. It seems that it’s standard for all Heisei-era Riders to be multiform and 000 is no exception. The forms aren’t shabby and it looks like 000 can rival the current title holder for Kamen Rider with the most number of forms: Kamen Rider Kuuga... Or maybe even W’s form, though in his case the forms are actually permutations rather than true forms themselves.

So far, with all the press releases, 000 seems promising. Then again, was there ever a Kamen Rider series that disappointed?