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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Special Birthday Post for Jima-san

In honor of The HobbyBox’s “Big Boss” for his upcoming birthday, let me share this post to him… That is, if he’ll allow this to stay posted, hehehe! 

Since Jima-san’s birthday is coming, I thought of posting something in The HobbyBox in dedication to the event. I couldn’t think of anything really interesting though, so I just thought of writing a testimonial about Jima -- on how I met him, how we managed to get along, what were my impressions of him at first, etc, etc. Something like that. So, this is how it goes… 

The Encounter 
We started as college buddies back then. Jima was my classmate in one subject during our first semester but we didn’t know each other yet at the time. However, he was one of the few people I easily recognized because I always saw him in the arcades, playing Power Stone 2. We only started to get along during our second semester. I got easily drawn to the guy because he’s one of the few people I could share my geekiness and such. From that point on, I would often visit his place and spend like half a day or more doing nothing but otaku stuff. Even up to this moment, I still keep in touch and pay him a visit whenever I can. So that’s how our “pack” started.

First Impressions 
Jima is very much an okay guy to me. Though some people would tend to think of him as a weird guy full of nonsense because of his ways, that’s just them, people being crappy a**holes. Guess it takes a geeky person to understand another geeky person, heheh! Unlike me, he’s not a very serious type of person. He’s easygoing and pretty much loves to have fun. I also first thought of him as a short-tempered person before because he usually swears whenever he’s deeply engaged in playing a fighting game in the arcade, but (according to him) he’s not angry at all. In fact, he’s not actually that easy to anger. 

Jima as an Otaku 
Jima doesn’t always ride along with the mainstream. He would rather enjoy things differently. He doesn’t flow along with other people getting into MMORPGs, Counter-Strike, DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) and Tekken, and instead would rather play Pokemon, Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star), ParaParaParadise, The Sims and shmups… Yeah, he’s something like that. ;) Jima greatly appreciates old-school games of any form. He’s also a big fan of Nintendo which is why he’s most likely patronizing its products, like the DSi XL, and buying its games (as opposed to just merely pirating them). 

When it comes to anime of course, he’s an otaku through and through, so basically he loves everything about it. I can’t really pinpoint what are his all-time favorites since I don’t usually ask him about it though. Other than those usual popular ones, he loves anime with loli-based characters and simple slice-of-life stories. He also likes tokusatsu shows, most especially the Kamen Rider series, but I believe he only began his interest in it from Kamen Rider Kiva

Despite being an otaku, Jima is not actually that much interested in attending anime-themed gatherings like the Ozine Fest or such, not unless there’s something there to interest him or something good would happen to him at any of it. Of course, other than being an otaku, he’s pretty much a normal guy who also likes to do things like read books, watch informative shows like documentaries (like Mythbusters) and such. 

Wish for the Man 
Well, what should I say…? Have good health, be prosperous, always be good, and all those other common birthday greetings I guess, hehehe! (^^) But seriously -- Always stay the same. Always be true to yourself. If you’re gonna change, always change for the better. What else…? Hmm, a girlfriend maybe? That would be nice, right? Hehehe! (^^) Well, just take your time with looking for your soulmate. Just one more thing -- if ever you’re gonna have one, make sure she’ll accept everything about you and you, her. That would make the relationship a lot easier (^^). Anyway, just always live your life the way you want… Stay otaku, of course!

Happy Birthday, Jima-san! 

Until then!

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