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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catherine: Nightmarish Experience

 Good day HB Fans! Maxwell here with 1st post and 1st review on Atlus' mind-boggling game: Catherine for the Xbox 360.

Now, you may think this is your usual adult oriented themed game with lots of nude or saucy sexy scenes but for the long run... It's not. The game is actually comes with a deep story line and a shocking wake up call. For most of the players out there who are in it for just the graphics and for the special scenes, this isn't your game.

The game actually starts with your hero, Vincent Brooks (ironically named), waking up from a nightmare and apparently meeting up with his girlfriend "Katherine". The two began a conversation which leads to Katherine wanting to tie-the-knot. So you go to the bar that night, talk to friends and ask for advise. They leave early and you decide to drink some more. Unexpectedly a cute girl sits besides and the next morning, you wake up with "Catherine", naked on the bed not before having another nightmare. Here's where 50% of the game actually begins. You are expected to see through a bunch of dialogues throughout the game. That's the point. The key to this game is the scenes, the conversation, the text messages and your responses. Skipping scenes and avoiding conversation would lead you to either making a wrong decision and ending with bad ending. Paying attention to details is a must in this game. There's also this meter that appears whenever you made your decision and apparently it affects your relationship with characters. The messy part is the nightmare.
The game's second challenge is the nightmare where you, as the hero must go through a series of levels of climbing all the way up to the very top, avoiding traps, pitfalls, getting crushed, hoping to be rid of this nightmare. You also get power ups along the way and meet other sheep like you whose goal is also to get to the top and be rid of the nightmare. There will also be boss battles... err... not like megaman boss battles but rather you need to get to the top faster or get forked. As the story progresses, the game becomes more dark and more deeper, more challengine as you find out, the nightmare was actually placed on to you!  You would find yourself hours and hours trying to find ways to get to the top and avoiding death.

The game graphics are actually very well made as every details are made sure to be outlined. Sound, creepy and yet perfect for the game. Gameplay... challenge... this game is not for the faint of heart as this requires planning and quick thinking. Having a panic button will get you nowhere. Storyline... this is the best part. Most of the game story is actually based from real life scenario and would ask you personally on how you actually deal on things. On every end of level there's a confession box where your response is uploaded in the internet and determines where you are indeed honest with yourself and with others. Bottomline... the game is an excellent experience. As even news of Atlus game being a high selling game out in the market, this game does deserves its spot. 

So my scoring goes like this:
Graphics: I'd give it a 9. Atlus gave its way to making sure those curves are well seen
Sounds: I'd give it a 7. 
Gameplay: I'd give an 8. The challenge and getting that gold trophy was worth it!
Story: 9. Can't beat a "Woman's Wrath"
Overall: I give it an 8.5

Looking forward to the next game out there!

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Anonymous said...

I'm actually interested on playing this game... if only I have a console.. (><)

Nice review there, Vincent!

Raipo said...

Played the demo, and it gave me my wait-what-am-I -going-to-do-I-piss-my-pants moments. Especially during the puzzle segments.


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